Culture & Diversity

At Youth Connections Inc, we are proud to be Canadian and understand the importance of maintaining our cultural diversity.

We believe this is an important area of focus that all clients in the care of Youth Connections Inc be provided with the opportunity to represent and celebrate their culture.

Youth Connections Inc will endeavour to make such opportunities available to all of our clients. We consider all individual needs in the areas of Spirituality, Traditions, Ethnic Food, Celebrations, Holidays, Identity, Community and Language.

Youth Connections Inc will always attempt to be aware of and responsive to all of the cultural needs of our clients and  we strongly encourage our clients to be involved in maintaining, learning about or discovering their culture.

We will attempt to involve our clients in special celebrations whenever possible.  Spiritual affiliations will always be respected and client transportation will be provided if they would like to attend any ceremonies.

YCI has researched and created an internal Culture & Diversity Resource Manual that has a comprehensive list regarding places of worship, heritage resources, culture clubs and Indigenous communities in the area.  In addition to internal cultural aspects of our program, Youth Connections Inc participates in an external Culture Committee in collaboration with other programs to ensure we continue to grow in this area.